The way we work, where we work and how we work is changing. More and more of us are setting out with that big idea, trying to capture the imagination of potential customers.

Collaborative 'Co' working spaces allow people to work, network and socialise, helping accelerate their dream or idea with experts from all different walks of life. Co-working spaces are buildings like nowhere you have worked before providing all-inclusive; desk space, meeting rooms and areas to collaborate.

Co-working spaces harvest a community of likeminded individuals who want to share their problems, ideas and expertise through tailored events and showcases. Many co-workers post to social media that they will be there for the day and have potential customers, colleagues and peers drop in for a coffee.

Membership is flexible, whether you want to work from the space every day, once a month or you wish to hold an event or that next round of product research, you can do it from the unique surroundings of the co-working space.

Providing super-fast broadband, the latest technology for presentation and team meetings, great coffee, onsite events and a sense of community like no other, why wouldn’t you co-work in 2019?

Do you need more benefits? Sure…

Ideal for start-ups – Renting office space is expensive. It costs even more to keep it up to date and sometimes you just need somewhere to bring staff and/or clients together once a week, month or quarter. A collaborative working space allows you to bring everyone together to share ideas and collaborate when it suits you at a budget that works

Facilities are all-inclusive – You pay a one-off daily, monthly or yearly fee for all of the facilities provided; water, gas, electricity, super-fast broadband, desk, chair, shared printer, coffee, use of meeting areas (by reservation) and on-site events are also taken care of in your membership

It’s flexible - When you can’t quite commit to buying that big office or signing a lease for multiple years you are provided flexible membership from day passes to a monthly or yearly membership

They are sociable - Working from home gets lonely, cafes get annoying and renting office space is expensive. Working collaboratively gets you out of the house, interacting with new people and gives you space to meet with clients without all of the overheads of having your own office

Access to experts – Whether you are an expert or need the help of an expert, collaborative working spaces are the place to go. Instead of trawling the internet and social media reading reviews and long-winded bios why not walk in and speak to graphic designers, website developers, social media, payroll, food/drink and business experts

Unique surroundings – Co-working spaces are like no other office space you have worked in before having a unique design approach, designed to fuel creativity, collaboration and innovation

Build a network - Entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and home workers are just some of the kind people who are likely to work in collaborative spaces creating a culture of hard-working and innovative minds. You are also exposed to people from different industries allowing you to extend your network to industries you wouldn’t previously have exposure to

Getting started – If you are new to the world of business, getting your name out there can be one of the hardest parts. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get your business noticed. Working in a co-working space just a few days a week or month is a great way to get started and start collaborating

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