Social media ‘stories’ are still a new concept to most people but the art of storytelling has been around for thousands of years and it isn’t just a coincidence that we all like watching stories online. Now more than ever social media platforms are embracing stories. Starting off on Snapchat you can now add a story to all most anything; Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and Youtube.

Stories have the power to inform and persuade, we all remember the story of ‘The boy who cried wolf?’ if you haven’t used that example 100x times already in your life I’m sure you will at some point. Due to our love of storytelling, many business marketing teams have gone down that path as it’s a fantastic way to interact with your customers. Stories should be a key part of your social media strategy. Posts and content sharing can be planned out sometimes a week to 10 days apart but stories are your opportunity to link in with your customers on a daily basis, explaining what goes on behind the scenes, little nuggets of information to bring customers running back or shout about the great work you’re doing in the community. With stories the list is endless.

We are often told not to post too much on social media as our followers begin to switch off and the message becomes diluted. Stories only last 24 hours and it's up to the customer whether they click and watch. This means you are giving the power back to your customers to decide whether they want to interact with your content. Very quickly you will get an indication of whether it's working for you. With the right social media strategy, content and stories you can expect:

1. A continual link with your customers

2. To reach a younger demographic

3. The platform to keep telling your businesses greatest story

4. Drive traffic to your social media pages and/or website

So, where should I start?

1. It’s vital to understand where social media fits into your overall marketing strategy and business, then where stories fit into your social media strategy. Remember, they should form a key part.

2. Give it a go, Instagram is a brilliant place to start. Since the introduction of stories by Snapchat, Instagram has adopted it the quickest and have arguably become the market leader. They also have lots of great free tools to get you started.

3. What should I post? This part is over to you, but we suggest that you use stories to share the human side of your business. Who are the people you have working with you? Who are the customers you have coming in? What are your customers saying? Run a poll, the list is endless…

Social media ‘stories’ are still a new concept to most people, but there is no doubt that they are here to stay – our modern, fast-paced lives dictate that the traditional way of posting on social media is changing and people want to access your brand quickly with the least effort. Embrace social media stories as part of your social media strategy.

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